Tom Dispenza

Chromastics Hair Color is a classic small American business success story.Dispenza, and Peter Ciotti in 2004, two very successful salon industry professionals, founded this company. After Ciotti attended one of Dispenza’s hair color classes, they had a lengthy conversation. Ciotti asked, “Why haven’t you launched your own hair color company?” Dispenza said, “Peter, that has always been my dream!” So, Ciotti then said, “Let’s work together to make this dream come true!” They pooled every penny and resource they had to start a uniquely new and different American hair color company.

Chromastics Dreams Come True: Tom Dispenza shares, Chromastics truly was dream project from years of experience working in the corporate world of hair color. After 9 years with a rocky beginning and 2 years of serious American business recession, we are very proud to be the primary hair color system used by more than 1000 hair colorists in many top salons across North America.

We now have 7 regional distributors. I created the name chromastics by combining 2 words; chroma which means color from the Greek language and the English word fantastic. Chrom + astic = chromastics. Chromastics is truly special in many ways! It puts complete artistic control back into the hands of the creative hair colorist.

We understand that the hair colorist and not the hair color company, controls the deposit, the lightening, and the tone of every hair color formula. Instead of having hundreds of shades of hair color in the salon dispensary; there are only 19 shades of Chromastics permanent hair color from which you can create an infinite amount of
formulations. We offer 17 shades of deposit-only color as well as 15 shades of liquid toners and refreshers. The hair colorist should be the artist who creates the perfect shade customized for each client. Every shade of Chromastics contains hydrolyzed proteins that dramatically help the hair feel and look better.


Welcome I’m Julie; this is my Little Corner of the Hair/Style/Fashion World!.

I started in the salon industry way back in 1979 mostly because I wanted to be in show business. Behind the scenes of course…

I thought if I went to beauty school, I would be able to do theatrical work. And then I found out you could actually make a living with these skills. This led me down a very yellow brick road to Las Vegas in 1990. I eventually opened 2 salons. I was able to bring them to the status of Paul Mitchell Signature Salons and was able to see to the education of many different hairdressers.

I researched products voraciously and always sought to bring the best to my clients.

A company called Mastey brought the first sulfate free products to the salon industry.I used ISO perms exclusively because they didn’t use harmful chemicals.I was always on the search for better color and was introduced to All-Nutrient just 3 years ago.

I love recommending the best products to my clients but also the ones that have the most value… take a look at my Natural Products page.I will never use a product that is not produced here in the United States or that comes from a big box manufacturer. But that’s a whole other soapbox… Mostly I just love helping people achieve their best look.To that end, I invested in computer digital imaging program back in 1997.My phone rang off the hook!

At present I am the only one offering this service in a salon setting in Las Vegas.Come on in and play with your hair with out any commitment somewhere it’s always Showtime!

No more hostile makeovers here! I don’t pick up a scissors until I know for sure what you want.